Hypnotherapy for Childbirth

“The birth of my beautiful daughter was one of the most empowering and amazing moments of my life. I would love to see more women experience the birth of their babies in this way: feeling calm, relaxed and without fear. Come to me and learn how….” – Wendy Quinn

Women’s bodies are designed to give birth naturally and confidently. Hypnotherapy can equip you with the confidence, knowledge and tools you need for a healthy pregnancy and calm birth. Without fear and tension you are able to work in harmony with your body. When you are calm and relaxed your muscles relax deeply and pain and fear melt away.

Not only does Hypnotherapy for childbirth help you manage stress and pain, it also allows you to feel in complete control during the entire experience.

Hypnotherapy’s effectiveness is not limited to natural childbirth, it can be of great support in all types of delivery.

I offer a range of Hypnotherapy sessions on pregnancy/childbirth topics, to help clients feel prepared, confident and in the optimum state of mind to create happy memories of pregnancy and childbirth:

  • Enjoy a healthy pregnancy
  • Remove doubt and fear about childbirth
  • Fully prepare for childbirth
  • Prepare for breech turn and Caesarean birth
  • Manage pain and reduce duration of labour
  • Bond with your baby