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Relationship Issues

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in helping clients through a wide variety of relationship issues. I help my clients define their relationship issues and support them in working towards a solution.

Sometimes we cannot change events but we can always change how we feel about them and how we respond to them. In this way we can move on with our lives to create new positive experiences.

Improving a Relationship

Hypnotherapy can help you reconnect with your partner, becoming closer on a mental, physical and emotional level.

  • Improve your relationship at a deeper level
  • Create a stronger connection
  • Quickly define what is not working
  • Stop negative triggers you may not even be aware of
  • Break down any blocks
  • Put things into perspective
  • Improve communication

Moving On from a Relationship

  • Get over an ex and move forward with your life
  • Stop thinking about that person all the time
  • Get the confidence to address the issues
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • Move on from the grieving process
  • Reduce guilt and/or regret

Stress Management

Stress is the opposite of relaxation. Replace the habit of stress with the habit of relaxation. Improve your overall health and wellbeing and free yourself from the effects of stress.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is not just about eating less and exercising more. To achieve permanent weight loss, you need to change how you feel and think about food, so that you can make the transition to a healthier, slimmer you for the rest of your life. Permanent loss of excess weight is empowering, confidence-boosting and life-enhancing.

Anxiety and Panic

Everybody feels worried or fearful at some point in their life. But one in three people suffer from severe Anxiety or Panic Attacks. If you are one of them, rest assured that you can escape the grip of anxiety and move on to live your life fully and with confidence.

Stop Smoking

Whether you smoke 40 cigarettes a day or 2 cigarettes a week, you will be surprised how easy it is to quit and remain a non-smoker for good. As a specialist in behaviour modification and smoking cessation I have helped thousands of clients stop smoking easily and naturally

Fears and Phobias

The list of fears and phobias is endless. If your fear or phobia, whatever it may be, is having a negative impact on you or is limiting your full participation in life, then it’s time to take steps to rid yourself of it permanently.