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Fear of Flying

Conquer your Fear of Flying permanently using Clinical Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis at Wendy Quinn Hypnotherapy

‘Just landed in New York feeling great! I felt calm throughout the flight and used my techniques you taught me, thanks so much Wendy’
Jean (Dublin)

Fear of Flying is an excessive worry about air travel. It is very common and can affect one in ten people. The Fear of Flying may occur because people have never flown before, had a traumatic experience during a flight, or neither and the fear of travelling by plane just arises out of nowhere.

When clients come to me with a fear of flying many say:

  • I don’t like the feeling of not being in control
  • I am afraid of enclosed spaces
  • I fear the plane will crash
  • I feel anxious and panicky during the take off and landing

They experience some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Breathlessness
  • Tight chest
  • Sweating
  • Panic
  • Knot in stomach
  • Palpitations
  • Feelings of dread

It can be such a relief to know that the Fear of Flying can be easily and successfully treated. Without needing medication or alcohol to suppress any anxious or panicky feelings, using positive psychological techniques people can enjoy flying feeling calm and in control.

It only takes 3 sessions to be able to board a plane and feel comfortable while flying. You no longer have to miss out on holidays, business opportunities and family occasions. Clinical Hypnotherapy/hypnosis, relaxation therapy, mindfulness and NLP techniques are all used for positive permanent results.

Call Wendy Quinn Hypnotherapy now for a confidential appointment at 086 6848046

‘Hi Wendy,
I have been meaning to contact you to thank you for giving me the techniques to survive all ten flights to, from and in Burma last November. I was a little apprehensive on the first flight but by the second we were in the air before I realised we had taken off – that was momentous for me!!  The rest were relatively easy too except for the last one when we encountered some rather bad turbulence, however I was no more anxious than the rest of the passengers and thankfully it didn’t last long and were soon able to relax again and enjoy the rest of the flight.  Thanks to your help Wendy I now seem to have this horrible phobia under control.’

Jen L, (Dublin)

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